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Do we notice things? [May. 31st, 2007|02:21 am]
a.d.h.d ramblings and obsessions
So it appears we have accidentally stumbled on our first inadvertant act of food terrorism, and it was the pet food from china. Some 14,000 pets were reported as being effected to the FDA. (Not sure how affected if those were just being sick or dying).

It seems to have shown up the FDA's system of inspections, which are low and its good to know these things before it gets into human food.

Heck of a job brownie? There are somethings that shouldn't be fucked with by politics, and our food system is one of them, but they probably are anyway. That is mostly suspicion but I did hear that the mad cow disease investigations were essentially stripped of staff and budgets around when i returned from England around 2003, when my mom was following it. A lot of regulatory agencies, which are for the most part bipartisan, seem to be being viewed as "the idealogical enemy."

What the FDA often inspects, and what it doesn't.