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a.d.h.d ramblings and obsessions
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OK. I'm bored with culture wars the internet makes them too easy and entirely tedius. This is mostly a public choice economics blog and occasionally I'll discuss my life, my boredoms, and what I do for fun.. the latest bars parties and boys I'm into. Politics seems to be taking care of itself once more so I don't feel that we are teetering on the edge of uncertainty, but do worry still occasionally as a lot of my friends work in gov't both in contracting and the non profit sector. Mostly this is just commentary on what I've heard recently, opinions of the moment, I do have a.d.h.d., so this is about whatever my latest obsessions are.

So far I've gone through several phases: the theatre stage, the math stage, the renaissance faire phase, the economic infastructure stage, the traveling phase, the political economy stage, and now I am getting more into business again but might consider grad school-so we go full circle as I was in the yuppie circles back in HS. Why so young? Well this is dot com central and that and gov't contracting soaks up a lot of my friends. I am a party kid as well as an intellecutual. I'm probably a bit eclectic and occasionally bite. I never bother keeping my phases separate. I was out in full theatrical regalia doing calculus just to confuse the kids at Denny's and worked the Maryland Renaissance Faire in the same semester I took advanced calculus, "the friendly approach" to math. So yeah, I've confused a few people along the way.

I am assuradly an econ geek and find the laws of our country facinating, mostly because they kind of almost work, and I find the process of voting interesting- I'm weird like that.

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Republicans run on a platform that says the government can't do anything right, then they get elected and prove it.
- Mark Shields

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